[csw-users] Resistance ?

Dennis Clarke blastwave at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 21:22:15 CEST 2007

> For a number of reasons, I feel it is the right path for us to move to
> get rid off /opt/sfw and move to /opt/csw. I also think that because
> blastwave is so comprehensive that we can almost entirely get out of
> having to compile and build our own packages.
> I am running into resistance to moving to a community supported
> package system/repository. (It's been ok'ed for use within our group,
> but not for rollout to the majority of our servers that host other
> groups applications.)
> I am wondering if anyone one has run into this, and how you dealt with it?

  You could also post this sort of thing on the OpenSolaris discuss list
and see what feedback you get.

  I want you to know that we have fairly decent Solaris 10 build servers that
sit idle also. We also have a Niagara T2000 server and a decent
Opteron server or two for people to participate with.  Free to use
provided you conform to standards.

  I do note that the Companion CD people ( at Sun ) released five or
six packages today. At the risk of being shallow I think that the
Blastwave project will release 1,544 packages via the stable release
today. Of those there are 583 updates since the 1st of January.

  The one argument that you will get thrown at you is that you can not
trust the logn term existence of a community project. Since October of
2002 I think we have had less than five days of downtime due to server
rooms moves, bandwidth changes and power outages.  Most corporations
can not report that sort of stability.

Dennis Clarke

ps: and Debian Linux is a "community" project also.  Ten years + ?

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