[csw-users] subversion client package

Uffe Jakobsen uffe at uffe.org
Wed Apr 18 18:52:45 CEST 2007

Mark McCoy wrote:
> Hey all, does anyone else see the need for a statically compiled 
> client-only package of subversion that depends only on the necessary 
> bits to enable client functionality?

Yes, less that a week ago I went through the same consideration because the list of dependancies is (more than) huge considering the numbers of systems that I need a subversion-client on (150+)

But looking further into the dependancies I'm afraid (like Cory) that things are pretty much tied too much togheter - because I would need a subversion-client that would be able to do much of the networking stuff (but I guess that Kerberos, Openldap, BerkerlyDB and maybe a few other lib/pkg deps could be avoided for a "simple file" (FSFS) and "network-only" subversion-client ???

kind regards Uffe

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