[csw-users] WxWidgets

Paul Gress pgress at optonline.net
Sun Jan 7 22:10:20 CET 2007

Dominique Laigle wrote:
> Paul,
> I have been dealing with Kicad compilation on Solaris SPARC for more 
> that two years know. I could manage to make it to compile with Sun 
> Studio by hacking the sources (I already reported some changes 
> proposals/bug fixes that JP Charrasse accepted and introduced in his 
> last release candidate).
> I actually had the last release candidate working this week (whith 
> gccfss though), but it hits a very bad bug within wxGTK. I just sent 
> some few proposals to JP Charrasse (particularly allow me to fork his 
> code a little bit) and if he accepts them, then Kicad would compile 
> seamlessly with CC to give a nice CSW package dynamically linked...
> I have already erlang package under test (dependancy of ESDL->Wings3D) 
> for creating the 3D packaging component shapes for Pcbnew.
> - Dominique
> Paul Gress wrote:
Thanks, thats great to here.  Me being a Mechanical Engineer, have great 
difficulty in compiling programs.  Not to say I don't get any working.  
My main program I use for CAD is Pro-Engineer (on Solaris Sparc and 
X64).  Now I'm coming up where I need to do some small PCB work, I'm not 
ready to dish out another $20,000 for Mentor.  I've used PCB from CSW, 
it has some major shortcomings, like your base PCB can only be square or 
rectangular.  I've tried compiling both Kicad with gcc and SS and 
WxWidgets with both gcc and SS.  Each way I had a different set of 
problems, besides the basic -mt and -Wall ones.  With Kicad (the latest 
release candidate), I've had static linking on and off.  For me, the 
cleanest compile was with gcc (4) from CSW and static linking on with my 
errors posted earlier.

Is there any way of sharing your Sparc binaries?  The dependencies I can 
work out.


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