[csw-users] getting apache2 with ssl secure setup

Markus Mayer mmayer at blastwave.org
Thu Jan 25 19:41:25 CET 2007

On Wednesday, 24 Jan 2007 18:32 -0600, James Dickens wrote:

> anyone know of a document or url that shows how to get  apache2  as
> installed by blastwave working with https://  support?

I don't think there's a document that specifically describes the
Blastwave package of apache2. However, any apache2/SSL document should
contain the right pointers.

All that should be different for the Blastwave case are paths (Apache2
lives under /opt/csw/apache2).

The necessary module, mod_ssl.so, comes with CSWapache2c, which is the
Apache 2 core package.

So, if you run
  pkg-get -i apache2
you'll get everything you need.

How to start it depends on the Solaris version you have
(/etc/init.d/cswapache2 for Solaris 8 & 9, svcadm ... cswapache2 for
Solaris 10).


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