[csw-users] /testing: libgphoto2 & gphoto2

Markus Mayer mmayer at blastwave.org
Wed Jan 31 04:00:58 CET 2007


New versions of libgphoto2 and gphoto2 are available from /testing. The
important news about this release is the fact that libgphoto2 now
supports USB cameras -- under Solaris >= 10.

The reason to have separate packages for Solaris 8 and Solaris 10 is
said USB support. Solaris 8 doesn't have libusb, thus USB support is
disabled in the Solaris 8 package (this is similar to the previous
version of libgphoto2).

The Solaris 10 package, however, has USB support enabled and links
against /usr/sfw/lib/libusb.so. The package SUNWlibusb is not listed as
dependency, as libgphoto2 will still work if libusb is not present.
However, without libusb, one loses support for USB cameras.

There is no separate Solaris 10 package for gphoto2 itself. There is no
need for such a package, since all USB functionality resides in

I have tested the packages myself on an Ultra 60 running Solaris 10. I
was able to successfully download pictures from a Canon PowerShot G1
and a Canon PowerShot S50. I would be very interested to hear if other
cameras and the x86 library work just as well.

Please see [1] for more information about how to set up USB cameras
under Solaris.

Download the packages via these links:



Best regards,

[1] http://technopark02.blogspot.com/2005/06/solaris-10-usb-digital-camera-howto.html

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