[csw-users] Mysql 64bit

Louwtjie Burger zabermeister at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 06:38:03 CET 2007

Hi Alex

The link you supplied points to the "unstable version"...

Here is my install (pkg-get -i mysql5) from the "stable" tree.

[burgerw at pc:~]find /opt/csw/|grep mysqld
find: cannot read dir /opt/csw/etc/sasldb2: Permission denied
find: cannot read dir /opt/csw/mysql5/var: Permission denied
[burgerw at pc:~]file /opt/csw/mysql5/libexec/i386/mysqld
/opt/csw/mysql5/libexec/i386/mysqld:    ELF 32-bit LSB executable
80386 Version 1, dynamically linked, stripped
[burgerw at pc:~]

I had to use the package from mysql.com:

[burgerw at pc:~]pkginfo -l mysql
   PKGINST:  mysql
      NAME:  MySQL Community Edition - Standard (GPL)
  CATEGORY:  application
      ARCH:  i86pc
   VERSION:  5.0.27
   BASEDIR:  /opt/mysql
    PSTAMP:  MySQL AB Build Engineers
  INSTDATE:  Jan 30 2007 14:22
     EMAIL:  build at mysql.com
    STATUS:  completely installed
     FILES:     1727 installed pathnames
                  55 directories
                 101 executables
              165023 blocks used (approx)

[burgerw at pc:~]file /opt/mysql/mysql/bin/mysqld
/opt/mysql/mysql/bin/mysqld:    ELF 64-bit LSB executable AMD64
Version 1, dynamically linked, not stripped, no debugging information
[burgerw at pc:~]

I would really like to keep everything (rather large SAMP deployment)
local to blastwave...

On 1/31/07, Alex Moore <asmoore at edge.net> wrote:
> On Tue, 30 Jan 2007 19:37:47 +0200
> "Louwtjie Burger" <zabermeister at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi there.
> >
> > Why are there only a 32bit mysql5 package (stable) and not a 64bit ?
> Well, it should be there.  Are you saying
> that /opt/csw/mysql5/libexec/mysqld64 is not installed?
> See the blastwave web page for the package and click the 'View news and
> info' button for installation instructions.
> link: http://www.blastwave.org/packages.php/mysql5
> Alex
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