[csw-users] Problems using apache, perl and php

Jan Dreyer dreyerja at uni-paderborn.de
Fri Jul 13 11:57:29 CEST 2007


we have two webservers with similar (speed-) problems:
Systems are Solaris 10 zones with apache (1.3.34) and PHP5 
(5.2.1,REV=2007.03.15) btw. Perl (5.8.8,REV=2007.03.16). Hardware is a 
E450 with no other zones beside a YP-Slave.

We tried to serve a mediawiki on the one with php5 and otrs on the other 
(with perl). Both are responding very slow (About 10-20 Sek. for a 
request from our intranet).

Both frontends are using mysql-databases. As the access to the database 
from the webserver commandline is very fast, this is NOT the bottleneck. 
Other, static pages are fast, so the access to the webserver isn't either.

I spend some time with otrs searching for the bottleneck and it seemed 
that perl itself (or one of the standard modules) is bad as it does too 
much filesystem-requests. An old version of xammp could have solved that 
but that included to install several versions of perl/apache/mysql etc., 
which didn't match our policy. I fear to loose this service to the 
windows guys ...

Our mediawiki shows the same problems. Here is no perl involved and I 
have no idea where the error is (it isn't the database, as shown above).

Anyone here, who made similar observations or has an idea what has gone 

Jan Dreyer

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