[csw-users] Like minded individuals let's start working on an "OpenSolaris.org" distro right now.

Brian Gupta brian.gupta at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 07:31:52 CEST 2007

This thread is for those that *ARE* interested in seeing an
OpenSolaris hosted distribution come to fruition.

I am starting this in the approach-discuss community, because it is as
good a CG (Community Group) as any. I have cross posted to many other
communities that *I* felt might want to be a part of this discussion.

I have also included the Blastwave community. (Blastwave folks, send
an email to approach-discuss-subscribe at opensolaris.org if you want to
be a part of the discussion). I apologize in advance for this massive
cross posting. I also hope that i did not leave out any CG, or
individual that should have been included. (Please feel free to let
them know to subscribe to approach-discuss)

What this thread is *NOT*:
This thread is *NOT* a thread were it is appropriate to stage your
resistance to an OpenSolaris branded distro. (There are plenty of
those going on as well)

This thread is *NOT* to discuss how to propose this an official
project. (too soon in my opinion)

This thread is *NOT* a thread about opensolaris.org governance. (There
are plenty of those going on)

What this thread *IS*:
This thread *IS* for discussing the logistics of building this
distribution. Appropriate topics would include what needs to be done,
who is willing to do what, and what are our common goals.

I propose that, for the time being, we use the
approach-discuss at opensolaris.org as our discussion forum. (Please
register ASAP)

I also propose that if you are in favor of this distro coming to be,
that you respond to this thread. Please do this even if you can not
contribute. It will give other like minded individuals moral support.

I also propose referring to this project as OSH (Just so we have a
non-controversial name to call it). Naming is something that should be
addressed later. Please, let's not belabor this point.

I also propose that we need to reach out to the current distros, to
see if they would like to be involved in contributing to this distro.
(Any volunteers?)

Thank You,
Brian Gupta

P.S. - Please note, that from now on, when I say should, or is, or do,
there is an automatic I feel/think/suspect/wonder/please added in
front of it. :)
P.S.S. - This is really the time to step up and reply, if you are in
favor of this.

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