[csw-users] Like minded individuals let's start working on an "OpenSolaris.org" distro right now.

Ihsan Dogan ihsan at dogan.ch
Fri Jun 1 10:13:14 CEST 2007

Hello Brian,

Am 1.6.2007 7:31 Uhr, Brian Gupta schrieb:

> This thread is for those that *ARE* interested in seeing an
> OpenSolaris hosted distribution come to fruition.
> I am starting this in the approach-discuss community, because it is as
> good a CG (Community Group) as any. I have cross posted to many other
> communities that *I* felt might want to be a part of this discussion.
> I have also included the Blastwave community. (Blastwave folks, send
> an email to approach-discuss-subscribe at opensolaris.org if you want to
> be a part of the discussion). I apologize in advance for this massive
> cross posting. I also hope that i did not leave out any CG, or
> individual that should have been included. (Please feel free to let
> them know to subscribe to approach-discuss)

Can you provide us some more information about what the idea of the
OpenSolaris.org distro is and what it's goals are?

ihsan at dogan.ch		http://blog.dogan.ch/

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