[csw-users] asking questions

Dennis Clarke dclarke at blastwave.org
Fri Aug 29 00:19:11 CEST 2008

> Hi Jon,
> Am 28.08.2008 um 23:17 schrieb Fechner, Jon L.:
>> What/where is the correct forum for Blastwave users to ask questions?
> You have found the right place :-)
>> I used to belong to and send questions to users at lists.blastwave.org
>> but
>> now I am seeing messages from users at lists.opencsw.org.
>> Did the mailing list just migrate to lists.opencsw.org with users and
>> archives intact? It kind of looks like it did. I suppose this may have
>> had to do with the recent split between CSW and Blastwave.
> Yes, that is the reason. The mailserver was independent of the Blastwave
> activities and is now used for the OpenCSW project. The main focus
> for OpenCSW are the production releases of Solaris (that is Solaris 8
> to 10, both Sparc and x86) whereas Blastwave is heading toward
> OpenSolaris and Solaris Express.

No one is authorized to speak on behalf of Blastwave.org Inc. or any
activities by Blastwave.org or products or services distributed by
Blastwave(tm) other than a legal representative for Blastwave.org Inc.

Blastwave is a trademark of Blastwave.org Inc. in both the United
States and Canada.  Blastwave.org Inc. is a registered corporation
which has the primary focus of providing open source software for
Solaris users under the following classifications :

    International Class: 009
    Class Status: Active
    Open source software for computer operating systems
    Basis: 1(a), 44(d)
    First Use Date: 2003-00-00
    First Use in Commerce Date: 2003-00-00

    International Class: 042
    Class Status: Active
    Provision of open source software design and support
                 services for computer operating systems

The information that you are getting from other sources should not be

This is official.

Dennis Clarke
CEO Blastwave.org Inc.

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