[csw-users] Source code for Blastwave packages?

Dennis Clarke dclarke at blastwave.org
Mon Jan 14 21:33:14 CET 2008

> Is there a simple way to get the source code for several Blastwave packages?
> For example, I want to get the source code used to build Wireshark.  If I
> lookup Wireshark on the Blastwave software list it says:
> 	http://www.wireshark.org/
> While this may be the Wireshark web site, it does not get me to the exact
> source code used to build Wireshark.  This leads me to version 0.99.7, but
> the binary is version 0.99.5.
> In addition, I can't just stop there.  In order to make Wireshark work,
> I need to install 35 packages.  Each of those could have the same problem.
> I bring this up because the company I work for would like to include
> Wireshark on our distributions for our own support purposes, but we
> do not want to violate any of the license agreements.  Several of the
> licenses require us to be able to supply the source code matching
> the binaries if we supply the binaries.
> Is this stuff on the binary DVDs available?  If I do order a set for
> $45.00 can I order the equivalent source DVD for $45.00, too?

I know that you need more than this :


 ... and I'll just wait for your email.

Dennis Clarke
dclarke at blastwave.org

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