[csw-users] blastwave forked?

Willie tumbleweed at fastmail.net
Tue Sep 9 21:35:37 CEST 2008

I've been away and out of touch for a while and clearly I'm behind the
times here, but what the hell happened?
If there is a fork, will blastwave abandon the production releases and
support opensolaris exclusively?
Will the fork abandon opensolaris and support the production releases
What a shame it all is...
A couple of relevant links I can glean the full horror story from would
be much appreciated.

If my scant understanding is anywhere near accurate, I must say with no
ill will toward anyone that I come firmly down on the side of package
development and support for the stable production versions of solaris. I
say this not least because S10 and S8 are what I use, but even without
that bias it strikes me that this was originally the whole point of

Is it reasonable to abandon support for solaris releases that are are
actively and currently being distributed and supported by Sun

Is it unreasonable to expect such support to continue?

Is it not the production releases that really *need* a project like

Isn't it fair to say the opensolaris project intends to do a decent job
itself - without a parallel CSW effort - of including up to date
end-user orientated software with frequent releases?

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