[csw-users] blastwave forked?

Alessio a.cervellin at acm.org
Tue Sep 9 21:50:02 CEST 2008

Willie wrote:
> I've been away and out of touch for a while and clearly I'm behind the
> times here, but what the hell happened?
> If there is a fork, will blastwave abandon the production releases and
> support opensolaris exclusively?

if by "blastwave" you mean the previous blastwave.org project, it will 
support solaris 10, opensolaris, solaris sxce and derivated (schillix, 
belenix, and so on). Currently, it supports sol8 & 9 too.
It will not be a CSW-only project but it will be a community hosting 
different projects.
The new home page is going to be http://wiki.blastwave.org

> Will the fork abandon opensolaris and support the production releases
> exclusively?

if by "fork" you mean the new opencsw.org project, it is currently 
dedicated to sol8,9, and 10 and its aim is to continue the CSW-only 
packaging effort.
The new home page is going to be http://www.opencsw.org

> What a shame it all is...
> A couple of relevant links I can glean the full horror story from would
> be much appreciated.

Opencsw side:

Blastwave side:

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