[csw-users] berkeleydb in flux

Daniel Trinkle trinkle at cs.purdue.edu
Mon Aug 10 04:41:10 CEST 2009

Philip Brown wrote:
> Warning to CSW users: the upgrade of berkeleydb in 'current' has caused
> some unforseen side effects. Some things may break, if you upgrade
> berkeleydb at this time.
> We are working to rebuild known affected packages to use the newer version
> instead.  Please only upgrade with caution.

Unfortunately, this also has a disastrous effect on anything outside 
OpenCSW built against the libraries.  When built against explicit 
versions (i.e. /opt/csw/bdb43), I think it is a reasonable expectation 
that that will continue to be version 4.3.x -- not capriciously change 
to an incompatible 4.7.x version.

I can understand changing bdb4 to the latest version (though this breaks 
things as well), but making bdb43, bdb44, etc reference another version 
is guaranteed to cause problems.

At the very least the description and version information in the 
packages (CSWbdb4, CSWbdb43, CSWbdb44) should accurately reflect that 
the packages are now a reference to the current version.  This would 
help in tracking down problems and also provide meaningful information 
from "pkg-get compare".  Unfortunately it told me I was getting 
"4.2.52,REV=2009.07.28" (CSWbdb), "4.3.29,REV=2009.06.26" (CSWbdb43) and 
"4.4.20,REV=2009.07.28" (CSWbdb44) which clearly is not the case.


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