[csw-users] WARNING: upgrade problem with last openssh package under Solaris 10

Yann Rouillard yann at pleiades.fr.eu.org
Mon Feb 16 09:18:06 CET 2009


The previous openssh packages were incorrectly pushed in the csw
repository tree: the solaris 8 package was pushed in the solaris 10 tree
instead of the solaris 10 one.

As a side effect, with the current package, stopping openssh under
Solaris 10 kills all ssh connections.

The problem will be solved with the next package release, which will
soon land in the repository, but the upgrade will not go smoothly as the
previous ssh processes will be stopped during the operation, hence 
killing all ssh connections.

So if you perform the upgrade from an ssh connection, this connection
will be killed, the ssh package will be left in a uninstalled state and
you will not be able to log again on your server using ssh.

To avoid this problem:

  - either perform the upgrade from the console or using another remote

  - or follow this procedure:

    * launch manually the openssh daemon on a non-standard port:
        /opt/csw/sbin/sshd -p 2022

    * connect to your server by ssh on this port:
        ssh -p 2022 yourserver

    * perform the upgrade from this connection

    The openssh daemon manually launched will not be killed allowing you
to perform the upgrade safely.

I apologize for any inconvenience caused by this bug.


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