[csw-users] mesalibs mglu versus glu

Wyche, George PW George.Wyche at pw.utc.com
Thu Apr 22 21:31:05 CEST 2010

As a sparc Solaris8 user today I did "pkg-get -I mesalibs glut"

I compiled a c program against (sparc) /opt/csw/lib/libGLU.so which left
numerous, suspicious undefined symbols all starting with mglu. I spent
some time looking around the internet and this is not an uncommon
problem, but I do not understand how I can solve it.

None of the messages went into detail about the nature of the problem,
but nearly all solutions had to do with modifying the ***library***
makefile, taking that solution out of my ballpark. Things like
glu.exports glu.exports.in mangle.h were mentioned. There were mumbles
that the mglu... were meant to be internal library references, but
somehow our Solar loader (and other unix loaders) sees them as
unsatisfied externals and won't make my executable.

To whom might I address this issue further?

George Wyche

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