[csw-users] Problems with python hashlib

José Plana jplana at gmail.com
Sat Apr 17 16:27:01 CEST 2010

En Sat, 17 Apr 2010 15:29:29 +0200, Maciej (Matchek) Blizinski  
<maciej at opencsw.org> escribió:

> No dia 17 de Abril de 2010 14:23, Maciej (Matchek) Blizinski
> <maciej at opencsw.org> escreveu:
>> Looking at http://www.opencsw.org/search/openssl_rt it seems like the
>> files are indeed missing from the package.
> No, I'm blind.  The package is OK.  I was looking for
> /opt/csw/lib/sparcv8, I don't know why.  The
> /opt/csw/lib/libssl.so.0.9.8 file is in the package, and the others
> are too.  This would point to a problem with your installation.
> Perhaps the files were accidentally removed?

The files are present, in /opt/csw/lib/sparcv8plus+vis/, however my  
installation procedure was non standard, as I upgraded from blastwave to  
opencsw packages.

> The removal could happen during an upgrade, for example when you use
> pkg-get and files are moved from one package to another.  Here's a
> case that might be similar to yours:
> http://www.opencsw.org/mantis/view.php?id=4004

The curious thing is that I removed openssl with pkgrm and then tried to  
install again with pkg-get. If there's nobody else reporting the same  
problem then it's probably just my installation. Thanks for your help!

> Maciej

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