[csw-users] new Stable Release possible?

Dagobert Michelsen dam at opencsw.org
Fri Feb 5 18:05:37 CET 2010

Hi Jon,

Am 05.02.2010 um 17:49 schrieb Jon Fechner:
> I have not upgraded my installs in a while (since the Blastwave  
> split) and am finally getting around to it.
> We are a 'stable' shop, but when I did a "pkg-get -c" to see what  
> would be upgrading I was disappointed to see there weren't many  
> upgrades (firefox is still at 2.0) and it looked like the last  
> update to the stable branch was April 2009.
> Is the stable branch really used much anymore? Do most people just  
> live on the 'current' branch?
> I would love it if 'stable' were updated at least twice a year, but  
> if it isn't a priority and too few people actually use it, I guess  
> I'll have to consider the 'current' branch.

Most users actually the current branch at the moment as stable is
quite outdated as you already noticed. We have started work on
a new stable and outlined some technical background at

It would be great if you could review the documentation and
see if this fits your needs because as a user of stable you
are the target-audience we are prepare stable for :-)

Best regards

   -- Dago

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