[csw-users] syslog-ng

Sebastian Kayser skayser at opencsw.org
Thu Jan 7 18:25:29 CET 2010

Hi Yang,

* YANG LI <yangli at clemson.edu> wrote:
>    Is syslog-ng availabe yet? I can see it is announced in opencsw.org
>    website, but I do not see it from pkg-get command:
>    > pkg-get -a | grep syslog
>    pm_parsesyslog 1.10,REV=2008.03.02
>    pm_unixsyslog           0.100

I suppose you are using the stable/ release branch. From what I see,
syslog_ng is only available from the current/ (formerly known as
unstable/) release branch. Others can likely verify this and add some
background information.

To see which release branch you are using, what does the following
command say?

    grep ^url /opt/csw/etc/pkg-get.conf \
        /etc/opt/csw/pkg-get.conf \

Btw., have you heard of pkgutil? It's a feature-rich alternative to
pkg-get and can be found at all mirror roots. 


Amongst many other features it offers a handy option for "remote
support" question like mine, -V, to display configuration settings. More
information can be found on the pkgutil website:


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