[csw-users] libgnu_dev

Mark R Bannister mark at proseconsulting.co.uk
Mon Dec 5 21:11:02 CET 2011

On Mon 05/12/11 15:54 , Ben Walton bwalton at opencsw.org sent:
> Ultimately it would be nice to integrate gnulib directly into the
> projects though.  It's more work, but it's more portable.  I'm willing
> to help people do this as I've done it a few times now.  Mark, would
> this be of interest?  Which project are you building?


I'm not familiar with GAR.  What would that mean for me exactly?

I'm not building an OpenCSW project, I am porting nss_db to Solaris:

It's coming along well, but I got stuck with the argp dependency.  I thought libgnu_dev would help me, but as you know I then discovered that the library didn't actually include argp.

I'll probably need to pull out the argp source files and insert them directly into my modified build directory to carry on.  I've not had much luck with gnulib-tool, it doesn't want to work on this source tree.

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