[csw-users] Remake version bump to 3.82+dbg0.8

Бондаренко Андрей Витальевич bondarenko.av at mmk.ru
Tue Nov 1 02:54:22 CET 2011


Here is a patch on top of
https://gar.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/gar/csw/mgar/pkg/remake/trunk/ (r16053)

I've updated remake to the current version and added build dependencies.
Compilation with sun studio fails with error so I switched to GCC3. I don't think it
is a big problem, because remake is mostly useful for debugging. The patch works
for me in Solaris 10 with mixed unstable + testing environment.

Hope you find it useful. Remake really help debugging large Makefiles like GAR.

Best regards,
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