[csw-users] Now a Problem Using FireFox

Ben Walton bwalton at opencsw.org
Fri Sep 16 04:15:57 CEST 2011

Excerpts from Fred Strickland's message of Thu Sep 15 22:08:07 -0400 2011:

Hi Fred,

> nice.  Somehow, I don't think I should have had a real program
> inside a tmp folder.  So where do you store your Firefox folder?  Do
> you have it at the top level?  Or do you have it inside /opt or
> another location?

This depends on how it will be used.  If it's only you, stick it in
your home directory (~/firefox or some such directory).  If it needs
to be accessed by multiple users on a shared system, /opt/firefox or
/usr/local/firefox would be reasonable locations.

>   (Gecko:973): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to find default local
>   directory monitor type

This is fairly normal and likely nothing to worry about.  I'm not sure
what this particular warning is, but this type of warning is common
when running a gtk app from the cli.


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