[csw-users] How to get libmlib.so.2 (SUNW_2.3)?

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Thanks Jonathan,

About the worst that could happen is that I compile a fairly generic program and it might refuse to run on our other Solaris10 workstations.

My work places are usually so far behind in releases that any program we make is executable by "all". Do any of you have particular hints about program design for Solaris11 that keeps it runnable under Solaris10?

George Wyche

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> Since I am going to the trouble with 2.2+ Gigs of DVD iso download for 10u10, does anyone have a reason NOT to go for Solaris11?

Personally I love Solaris 11, but be warned it is a very different
beast from Solaris 10.  If you dont have any experience with
OpenSolaris, then your in for a shock.  It uses an IPS packaging
infrastructure which completely changes the installation and patching
processes.  The network layer implements crossbow and is very
different from past generations.  The system becomes more dependent
upon SMF and many of the /etc config files that you are used to
managing for configuration are now auto-generated  from SMF
properties.  Solaris 10u10 is like putting on a round of patches while
Solaris 11 is nearly like a new OS.  Goood changes, but dramatic
changes forcing you into a deeper learning curve.
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