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I guess this answers some questions:


Am 14.12.12 schrieb jeff at cjsa.com (Jeffery Small):
> Even though I reread the "Which catalog should I use", "Latest
> announcements" and "Release branches" pages on the website, I have to say I
> am still confused by what is going on with the CSW releases</x>.
> I'm still pulling from the "current" release which has seen no updates for
> some time. It is unclear whether current and dublin are identical, but I
> have been assuming</x> that they are.
> My best understanding is that volatile "testing" packages later move into
> "unstable", and then finally migrate to kiel, which is scheduled as the
> next full package release. Is that correct? When kiel goes live, will it
> become the new "current" repository? But from comments made on some of the
> above referenced pages, it looks like a number of packages may be dropped
> from the kiel release as compared to dublin. Is that also correct? And
> finally, it looks like a number of user-oriented, non-server packages (for
> example, gimp) are no longer being maintained. Is that correct?
As long I have some native (not VDI) SunRay installations, I will build some packages for 'not elsewhere available' packages like gimp, evince, gthumb, librecad, ...

> I think an expanded discussion of these issues placed on the "release
> branches" page would be helpful. My inability to really understand what
> the current philosophy is with CSW is making me reluctant to update, as I
> do not feel confident that if I do so, everything I currently rely upon
> will continue to work. Any clarification would be appreciated.
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> C. Jeffery Small
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