[csw-users] Midnight Commander and its config file

Dagobert Michelsen dam at opencsw.org
Mon Feb 27 16:42:31 CET 2012

Hi Markus,

Am 27.02.2012 um 16:32 schrieb Sonnenberg, Markus:
> i tried to change the default color theme of the midnight commander 4.8.0,REV=2011.11.25 and figured that it does not use the file ~/.mc/ini as described. any hints what i might doing wrong?

It does access it when I look with truss (but I don't have the file):

15224:  open64("/home/dam/.mc/ini", O_RDONLY)           Err#2 ENOENT

Are you sure your coloring options are correct?

Beste Grüße

  -- Dago

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