[csw-users] Selecting 32 or 64 MySQL server

Laurent Blume laurent at elanor.org
Mon Jul 2 18:27:43 CEST 2012

On 07/02/12 17:44, Dagobert Michelsen wrote:
> The downside for (2) is you need to manually select the tools from either /opt/csw/bin
> or /opt/csw/bin/64 for your selected data model. We had this for OpenLDAP at it is not
> easy to understand for users.

I don't think it's necessarily a problem.

You can set a proper default by:
   - use the minimal default (32) and tell the user he can set his own
   - use the kernel default (isainfo -k) and let the user override it if 
he wants something else

In the first case, it would be something like:

# Get the default config
. /etc/opt/csw/csw.conf
# Get the specific config
. /etc/opt/csw/mysql5rc

# If MYSQLD_ARCH is set to something, use that
# architecture name
if [ -n "$MYSQLD_ARCH" ]; then
   # Else just use the minimal 32-bit default

In the second case:

# Get the default config
. /etc/opt/csw/csw.conf
# Get the specific config
. /etc/opt/csw/mysql5rc

# If MYSQLD_ARCH is not set, use the kernel architecture as default
if [ -z "$MYSQLD_ARCH" ]; then
   MYSQLD_ARCH=$(isainfo -k)


I believe both cases could be easily applied to other daemons.
In the first, the 32 bit version could simply be put in bin/.
In the second, it's probably better to default it to bin/1386/, but it 
could be in bin/ if it's easier to keep compatibility or not bother to 
change recipes.
Of course, some additional tests (existence of directories, of binaries) 
can be added, but that's pretty much trivial as well.

> I tend to believe that completely moving to 64 bit would be
> best (with 32 bit libraries available also).

Certainly agree on that. It would be good for me.


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