[csw-users] Is unstable catalog broken?

Dmitri Shubin sbn at tbricks.com
Wed Oct 10 13:42:39 CEST 2012


This page http://www.opencsw.org/get-it/packages/ says that GCC 4.7.2 is 
available in 'unstable' branch, but when trying to install CSWgcc4 
package I get only 4.6.3

$ /opt/csw/bin/pkgutil -V
- System -
Pkgutil         2.6.5
Arch            i386
Solaris         5.10
Pkg patch       119318 (119318-01 installed)
GPG binary      not found (suggestion: install CSWgnupg)
Gzip binary     /bin/gzip
Mailx binary    /bin/mailx
MD5 binary      not found (suggestion: install CSWcoreutils)
MD5 module      2.33 (primary choice for MD5)
Perl            5.008004
Perl binary     /bin/perl
Wget binary     /usr/sfw/bin/wget
PATH            /bin:/usr/bin

- Configuration -
catalog_not_cached      true (default: true)
catalog_update          14 (default: 14)
deptree_filter_common   false (default: false)
exclude_pattern         not set (default: none)
gpg_homedir             not set (default: none)
maxpkglist              100000 (default: 10000)
mirror                  http://mirror.opencsw.org/opencsw/unstable
noncsw                  false (default: false)
pkgaddopts              not set (default: none)
pkgliststyle            2 (default: 0)
pkgrmopts               not set (default: none)
root_path               not set (default: /)
show_current            true (default: true)
stop_on_hook_soft_error not set (default: false)
use_gpg                 false (default: false)
use_md5                 false (default: false)
wgetopts                not set (default: none)

$ /opt/csw/bin/pkgutil -a gcc4
You're not root and didn't set -W, using home dir.
common               package              catalog                        
gcc4ada              CSWgcc4ada           4.6.3,REV=2012.03.06        
55.9 MB
gcc4core             CSWgcc4core          4.6.3,REV=2012.03.06        
57.5 MB
gcc4corert_stub      CSWgcc4corert        4.6.3,REV=2012.03.06        
13.1 KB
gcc4g++              CSWgcc4g++           4.6.3,REV=2012.03.06        
33.8 MB
gcc4g++rt_stub       CSWgcc4g++rt         4.6.3,REV=2012.03.06        
13.0 KB
gcc4g95_stub         CSWgcc4g95           4.6.3,REV=2012.03.06        
13.0 KB
gcc4g95rt_stub       CSWgcc4g95rt         4.6.3,REV=2012.03.06        
13.0 KB
gcc4gfortran         CSWgcc4gfortran      4.6.3,REV=2012.03.06        
30.4 MB
gcc4gfortranrt_stub  CSWgcc4gfortranrt    4.6.3,REV=2012.03.06        
13.0 KB
gcc4java             CSWgcc4java          4.6.3,REV=2012.03.06       
116.8 MB
gcc4javart           CSWgcc4javart        4.3.3,REV=2009.05.07        
51.5 MB
gcc4objc             CSWgcc4objc          4.6.3,REV=2012.03.06        
27.3 MB
gcc4objcrt           CSWgcc4objcrt        4.3.3,REV=2009.05.07       
522.8 KB
ruby18_gcc4          CSWruby18-gcc4       1.8.7p334,REV=2011.03.24     
4.5 KB


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