[csw-users] combine csw tools with openindiana tools

Laurent Blume laurent at opencsw.org
Fri Aug 23 22:38:36 CEST 2013

On 23/08/2013 17:47, Harry Putnam wrote:
> Running (solaris) openindian 151a7
> I want to install emacs-24 but the openindian repos only have
> emacs-23 so I decided to use openCSW tools to install it.
> When I check on what was available with a default look at
> pkgutil -a |grep emacs, that shows only emacs-23
> So I looked at unstable, and see emacs-24.  Is there a better
> way to get emacs-24 than going to 'unstable'?

Unstable is not as bad as it looks. It means it evolves, when stable is 
rather, well, dead-ish.
I use unstable on critical production (with a local repository and 
staging servers to lock and test a new version before rolling it in 
prod), it works well enough. For non production, I just follow the updates.

> If not then taking a look at:
> pkgutil -i -n emacs_athena shows an awful lot of stuff to be
> installed. 89 pkgs... including things like perl and python.

The magic of dependencies...

> Those are already installed using openindiana default pkg managment
> tool, 'pkg'.
> Is there some common way for csw to share needed tools that are
> already installed and are late enough versions?

No, not really. OpenCSW is meant to be self-sufficient, so it will 
specifically use its own packages. That said: while in absolute terms, 
yes, it's not too clean to have several different versions of the same 
package installed in different places, in practice, it works well 
enough. Some space is wasted, but with today's disks sizes, it's hardly 
an issue anymore.



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