[csw-users] Puppet in an OpenCSW environment

Jonathan Craig jcraig at opencsw.org
Thu Feb 21 20:05:54 CET 2013

I'm interested in using puppet to begin managing our server
infrastructure and looking to the community for insight.  We currently
have 450 servers (250 Solaris 10/11, 50 SUSE, 150 RedHat) to manage.
The questions I'm grappling with are:

1) Puppet 2.7 vs 3.0
2) Free vs Commercial
3) OpenCSW vs GEM install
4) Should I run the master on Solaris or use RedHat with the
expectation that it will be better supported within the Puppet

So, is anyone using the puppet/puppet3 CSW module; in production?

How do you layout your directories
  ? - Use CSW standards (/etc/opt/CSW, /var/opt/CSW, ...)
  ? - Use standard puppet directories (/etc, /var, ...)

Are you managing Solaris 11 Boxes?
  ? - What package providers do you use?
    ? - pkgutil
    ? - pkg
    ? - sun
    ?? - blastwave
    ?? - sunfreeware
  ? - any gotchas you know of

  How do you handle your internal packages (Business apps, admin scripts/tools)?
    ? - package them with platform specific packaging and manage with
standard providers
    ? - use some other packaging and/or provider

Thanks in advance, and I plan to share a summary for others who may be

Jon Craig

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