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Geoff Davis gadavis at opencsw.org
Thu Feb 21 20:28:32 CET 2013

Hi Jon,

I initially started with Puppet Open Source using the OpenCSW packages. I'm now using Puppet Enterprise because I just wanted the silly thing up and running, rather than trying to configure all of the moving parts.

The PE console ONLY runs on Linux, either Ubuntu or RHEL variants. Solaris is supported as a managed node only, not as an admin node, puppet master node, or console.

I had an open source puppet master running on a Solaris 10 box using the OpenCSW package. The whole Phusion Passenger bit was a pain to get working with OpenCSW Apache, and I didn't even get the console out of the deal, just the puppet master functionality itself.

When I went Puppet Enterprise, I used the PE installers for Solaris and removed my OpenCSW packages.

I make heavy use of the pkgutil package provider for Puppet for my Solaris 10 boxes, but we don't do much in the way of custom packaging on that platform. For my RHEL boxes, I have a few custom packages and run my own yum repository.

I realize you've got a Solaris 11 deployment, but if you have Solaris 10 sitting around I've done quite a few fork-and-modify of existing Puppet modules as well as develop a few of my own. Some of these modules were designed originally to support Debian/RedHat, but I've hacked in OpenCSW support. They are up on GitHub, and I'll take any pull requests.


On Feb 21, 2013, at 11:05 AM, Jonathan Craig <jcraig at opencsw.org> wrote:

> I'm interested in using puppet to begin managing our server
> infrastructure and looking to the community for insight.  We currently
> have 450 servers (250 Solaris 10/11, 50 SUSE, 150 RedHat) to manage.
> The questions I'm grappling with are:
> 1) Puppet 2.7 vs 3.0
> 2) Free vs Commercial
> 3) OpenCSW vs GEM install
> 4) Should I run the master on Solaris or use RedHat with the
> expectation that it will be better supported within the Puppet
> community
> So, is anyone using the puppet/puppet3 CSW module; in production?
> How do you layout your directories
>  ? - Use CSW standards (/etc/opt/CSW, /var/opt/CSW, ...)
>  ? - Use standard puppet directories (/etc, /var, ...)
> Are you managing Solaris 11 Boxes?
>  ? - What package providers do you use?
>    ? - pkgutil
>    ? - pkg
>    ? - sun
>    ?? - blastwave
>    ?? - sunfreeware
>  ? - any gotchas you know of
>  How do you handle your internal packages (Business apps, admin scripts/tools)?
>    ? - package them with platform specific packaging and manage with
> standard providers
>    ? - use some other packaging and/or provider
> Thanks in advance, and I plan to share a summary for others who may be
> interested.
> Jon Craig
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