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Em 17/11/2013 21:50, "Peter Bonivart" <bonivart at> escreveu:
> On Sun, Nov 17, 2013 at 10:12 PM, Jocelyn Kirshenbaum <jkirsh2 at>
> > Are there gpg signatures  for older version of a package. I put
> > as the mirror to use in
> > pkgutil.conf. I ran  pkgutil got “Fetching new catalog and descriptions
> > ( if available ...
> > Catalog
> >
> > is not signed! Check your mirror settings or disable use_gpg in package
> > thatpkgutil.conf.”
> >
> > BTW, The package I would like to install is php5-5.3.13.
> You can't use allpkgs with pkgutil, it doesn't contain any catalogs,
> only package files. Easiest would be to just download and install the
> package manually.

We have many reports of people wanting to install specific versions of
packages, maybe we could have a tool where you could compose your own
catalog from whatever there is available in allpkgs, and allow you to
specify the version of each package. Dependencies would be added

Caveat 1: you would have to specify deps versions too

Caveat 2: It would be easy to compose a broken catalog, e.g. if you
selected an unlucky combination of pkg versions

What do people think? Useful idea? Stupid idea?

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