csw perl where is documentation installed

Harry Putnam reader at newsguy.com
Mon Mar 24 01:20:49 CET 2014

I installed perl5.10.1 from csw repo many months ago, on an openindiana os.
Its running as guest on win7 in Vbox.  The vm fell into disuse for
several months, and I no longer remember if I had problems with the
installation or what.

Currently, the vm is back in operation... when I look for perl docu with
perldoc it fails to find the main documentary stuff like perlfunc,
perlre etc.

A 'find' search of /opt/csw using  '-name '*perlfunc*'' or the like fails to
find it as well.

Any use of perldoc that is not aimed at the basic docs... like:

  perldoc File:Find

returns what you'd expect, so, apparently that part is working ok.

Have I just failed to install something?  Or should an install of perl
have installed the basic docu?

If it were installed, where would it be found?

PS - My pea brain has let slip whatever little bit I learned about
using csw on solaris so please bare with me when I ask to have a brief
outline of how I might track down what the trouble is for things like

   perldoc -f stat
   No documentation found for "perlfunc"

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