updated ruby20/puppet3 packages

Toni Schmidbauer toni+opencsw-users at stderr.at
Wed Oct 22 16:17:25 CEST 2014


i'm just getting my feet wet with building opencsw packages with
mgar. we are using puppet on solaris and i would like to update the
puppet3 packages. as far as i know the current maintainer of the puppet3
packages is no longer interested in updating to a newer version

what i've done so far:

- updated the puppet3 Makefile to puppet 3.6.2 and added a dependency on
  ruby20. the current ruby version used for puppet (1.8) is old and
  according to ruby-lang.org out of maintenance.

- created a new package for hiera, as the puppet master now depends on

- refactored the ruby20 package into ruby20, ruby20_ri and ruby20_dev
  and added a dependency on libssl_1_0_0

we are going to do some more testing with these new packages and i would
love to bring these changes upstream.

what's not quite clear to me is how do i bring these changes upstream?
should i open bug reports for puppet3 and ruby20? what about the new
hiera package?

or should i post patches?

sorry for all the questions, any help would be appreciated

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