Initial install of openCSW

Styma, Robert (Nokia - US) robert.styma at
Tue Mar 15 14:29:12 CET 2016

> > On a machine that does not yet have openCSW
> >and try to do the pkgadd and I get this…
> HTTP/1.1 server?  Why
> > # pkgadd -d
> > pkgadd: ERROR: Failure occurred with http(s)
> > negotiation: <Not a HTTP/1.1 server>
> > pkgadd: ERROR: unable to download package
> > datastream from
> ><>.
I would suggest isolating the problem by calling wget separately as in:
pkgadd -d pkgutil.pkg

That may yield more clues.  You can generally copy wget from another machine if it is unavailable on the target machine.  You can also download independent copies of wget from the Internet.

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