Unable to authenticate users after Samba update

Jan Holzhueter jh at opencsw.org
Wed May 4 10:27:14 CEST 2016


Am 03.05.16 um 19:36 schrieb David Hollenberg:
> I updated CSWSamba from the testing catalog today, on a Solaris 10,
> Update 10 x86 server.
> This caused authentication to the host specified in a "wins server"
> parameter to
> stop working with "permission denied" errors, whereas prior to the
> update it was working.
> I restored the following 2 files from a backup made before the update and
> file access via Samba started working again:
>    /opt/csw/sbin/amd64/smbd
>    /opt/csw/sbin/pentium_pro/smbd

not a good idea.
you should grep the old packages from here:

and install those.

> Before the update pkgutil showed
>    CSWsamba                  3.6.25,REV=2016.02.08    
> 3.6.25,REV=2016.04.17
> (version number is 3.6.25 for both old and new versions).

this is correct as samba 3.6 is not supported anymore.
We used some backported patches for the last CVEs.
Maybe they are not quite correct or whatever.

> I'm not a Samba expert.  Can anyone tell me what the problem might be?
> I don't know what protocol Samba uses to talk to the domain controller
> specified in the "wins server" parameter.  Could removal of SSL2 be the
> problem?
don't know either what the problem could be.
Could you provide the logs with higher logging level e.g. 5
so maybe I can catch something.
If not maybe we should just rollback the patches we added.


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