Compiling NXLog in Solaris 10 i386

Yuri yvoinov at
Sat Nov 9 15:57:34 CET 2019


first you not defining any issue(s). It is difficult to advise anything
wothout know exactly whats going on.

Anyway, some advices.

1. Drill down each issue. For example, "It is source issue here; to fix
it, require to write POSIX call with compiler macros #ifdef __sun__

2. "It is toolchain issue". This solves separately by upgrade (possible)
automake/autotool and re-run automake && autotonf && automake before
successful build.

3. "It is dependency issue". Require to install specific dependent
library version.

Sadly, but support any opensource software on Solaris is a bit tricky
and requires additional efforts.

WBR, Yuri

09.11.2019 04:44, Vicente Munoz via users пишет:
> Hello everyone,
>                While I am aware that NXLog CE is available in binary
> format a client that I’m working with mentioned that they want to
> compile it on their own, I am having a bit of an issue figuring out
> how to get this done and I am unfamiliar with Solaris in general,
> could anyone give me a north on how this process is done?
> Thanks in advance
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