how to remove entirely the opencsw packeges in order to reinstall them cleanly

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Fri May 15 15:54:50 CEST 2020

Hi Marc,

Am 15.05.2020 um 15:47 schrieb Marc Lobelle via users <users at>:
> I'm using for many years a CSWcourier-imap server on OI-hipster 2016.4.
> I wish now to reinstall it on a new computer. (running OI-hipster 2020.4).  So, I installed pkgutil on the new server.
> Apparently, everything went fine for installing CSWcourier-imap, but there were errors for CSWcourier-authlib. However the systems believes everything is OK, but I cannot enable the cswcourier-imap service.

Please have a look at the logfiles from SMF and also the courier logfile if there
is anything interesting.

> I tried thus to remove everything and retry, but I am unable to remove the CSW packages with pkgutil -r: it says the packages are in use, although svcs does not show them.
> How can I entirely remove these packages . I removed entirely /opt/csw, /var/opt/csw, /etc/opt/csw, but the system still thinks that the packages are there. What else do I have to remove to be able to reinstall the packages.

Please try „pkgrm CSWcourier-imap“ directly and paste the output here. This
should definitely work.

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  — Dago

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