[cfarm-admins] Offer for Sparc machines

Baptiste Jonglez baptiste at bitsofnetworks.org
Tue Aug 14 19:25:00 CEST 2018


On 14-08-18, Dagobert Michelsen wrote:
> Hi Baptiste,
> quick heads up: I have setup the Sparc Server
>   M3000
>   32 GB Memory
>   SPARC64-VII 2520 MHz with 4 Cores with Hyperthreading (8 Cores visible)
> I have setup 2 zones:
>   gcc-solaris10		Solaris 10 Branded Zone on Solaris 11 System
>   gcc-solaris11		Solaris 11 Zone
> Next steps for me (please comment if this is ok or if you have better suggestions):
> The global zone will only be accessible from our internal network, the zones
> will have static dedicated IPs with DNS names
>   gcc-solaris10.baltic-online.de
>   gcc-solaris11.baltic-online.de
> Homedirectories for users will be shared among these zones.

Great, sounds perfect!  Will each zone see all CPU cores, or will they
each get half of the cores?  The second case is probably better (i.e. no

> There will be firewall-rules in place to filter except incoming 22.
> I notice that some hosts allow incoming 443 at
>   https://cfarm.tetaneutral.net/machines/list/
> Should I also allow this? Should outgoing TCP be allowed? On all target ports?

Yes, please allow incoming ports tcp/22, tcp/443, udp/60000-61000 (mosh),
as well as all outgoing TCP ports.

> I have ordered two additional disks for mirrored home with 2 TB
> which should arrive later this week.
> If you have SSH-keys for ansible access please send them to me.
> Do you need this as root or should I setup sudo?

Attached are the SSH keys to add as root.

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ssh-rsa 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 root at cfarm
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ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDCDRWG2ZKbbIeJ5QnxgXg9TmWJT05ZaHXzaBWAgj4jE2rVW0qDk/gSHU4lNToXqwpnUYY4lDeIUDHqj02jfNxLI80uJIIZ1GfW/b79CDqAEhKjcexga7gRT5fATptl6+oB0aS7euccEYagWSIJP8i8+Z2LW0x9YcNSypvAEBXjCuYIttcSrYr8DxLUrA4UOOjOLlluYsLGXI1hWKA21EIwPYY6zAC2C4j+A+9Qk+8+utLhaTO3XFSW91sfw9gMC7/whNtrFzypBO/xy7Gw4daWSCr6fmj7zy4OjBTxdaRVdUYZKtvOqsSoJ59iOyXRX4fJN0BskI2Ms2cPEa46Nh7P admin-ansible at cfarm
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