[csw-maintainers] [board] maintainer registration?

Dagobert Michelsen dam at opencsw.org
Thu Aug 27 18:10:51 CEST 2009

Hi Daniel,

Am 27.08.2009 um 17:52 schrieb Daniel Pocock:
> Ok, I had a go at this with libConfuse
> Could you let me know whether this type of thing should be discussed  
> on the board list, the maintainers list or the devel list?

Usually on maintainers@, but you have to post from your opencsw.org  
on the list which you may or may not (Ihsan?) have yet.

> Anyhow, these are the issues I found:
> The name confuse and libConfuse is used interchangeably:
> - web site: http://www.nongnu.org/confuse/ "/libConfuse/ is a  
> configuration file parser library"
> - tar file is called confuse-2.6.tar.gz, and it extracts to  
> confuse-2.6/*
> - this is in configure.ac:
> AC_INIT(libConfuse, 2.6, confuse-devel at nongnu.org, confuse)

Please choose the name of what is in it. If there is only a library in  
please use CSWlibconfigure for the package and libconfuse for the  

> I started trying to do
> gmake newpkg-libconfuse
> but it broke down at the configure stage, because work/.../ 
> libconfuse-2.6 was empty

You can then customize DISTNAME and WORKSRC according to your needs.  
See the FAQ
and the GAR variable reference:

> I then did
> gmake newpkg-confuse
> and I was able to build it successfully.
> I also discovered that --enable-shared needs to be specified  
> explicitly for confuse - is this something gar should add by itself?

No, please add
   CONFIGURE_ARGS += --enable-shared
in the Makefile.

> gar didn't include the static library in the package, even though it  
> was built.

Yes, static libs are excluded from packages by default as they are  
generally not used.
If you need them please set this to empty with
to include them.

> I also decided to add --disable-nls to configure, is this considered  
> good practice, or is it preferred to make everything depend on  
> gettext and friends?

This depends on the package. If there are no negative effects the  
libs from the OpenCSW should be used to minimize size and to maximize  

> Although confuse works on Solaris, the test suite doesn't work out  
> of the box, so I also hacked the Makefile to skip the test phase -  
> is this acceptable for now, or do I need to wait for upstream to  
> merge in changes to the test suite before I can commit something to  
> opencsw?

You can always commit the build descriptions. Before submitting you  
must make sure
the package works. If you have failing tests you must at least  
understand why they
fail and document that in the Makefile. Even better is reporting this  
to upstream
and even better fixing the tests and providing a patch for upstream.

> I'm now ready to commit my Makefile for this package, but the gar  
> guide doesn't
> explain how to authenticate - will I be issued with an SVN password,  
> or do I need
> to reconfigure my svn to work over ssh (using my key)?

No, the repository is hosted at SourceForge. I need your SourceForge  
user name to
add you to the committers list. A description to the specific commit  
for SourceForge is documented here:

Best regards and heads up :-)

   -- Dago

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