[csw-maintainers] Samba 4

Laurent Blume laurent at opencsw.org
Tue Sep 3 16:44:56 CEST 2013

On 03/09/13 16:04, slowfranklin wrote:
> No? Why not?! Otherwise we'd have the same package (eg
> CSWlibwbclient0) built from two different recipes uploaded to the
> catalog. Am I missing sth?

Since from what we discussed, it's just the same lib being built as part 
of either v3 or v4, one of the two would be dropped without problem. 
It's not like the tools which do conflict. It's only a matter of 
selecting which to keep (probably something like v3 while v4 is settling 
down, then v4 when it's mature).

> Hold on. I was not referring to what Debian as a whole achieves by
> using different catalogs/distributions or backports. I said "obvious
> choice for an unstable rolling catalog" which would be unstable/sid
> in the Debian case. And apparently Debian is going to use an
> unversioned Samba 4 package in sid.

Right now they have some unversioned and versioned package, both from v4 
in experimental, and from v3 and v4 respectively in unstable. Maybe it 
will go unversioned at some point, but they're apparently far from it.

For perspective, their stable/testing/unstable contain 4.0.0beta2 and 
experimental is 4.0.8. So it's not what we're discussing here either. 
We're planning for 4.1! They won't use that for *years*.


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