[csw-users] FAM and Solaris 10

Luke Youngblood lyoungblood at phonechargeinc.com
Tue Jun 21 21:58:15 CEST 2005

Run inetconv and this should clear it up.  I was burned by this when trying
to setup a Jumpstart server on Solaris 10.  Apparently, inetd has been
completely rewritten and the config files are stored in XML now.  The
inetconv program simply builds this XML from your existing (now legacy)

I personally think Sun is repeating the mistakes that Microsoft made when
they invented the Windows registry.  Unix has always been great because it
used flat text files for configuration which could easily be modified by
perl scripts and the like.

I think Sun's long-term plan is to lock customers into their N1 and SunMC
software for provisioning, by simply making it so you can't manually edit
config files any more.  Now they want to make Solaris administration like
Windows administration where you simply click "Next" 20 times on a wizard
and you're done.

Expect to see Solaris certifications given out like cracker jacks prizes and
a lot of junior admins appear that have never seen a command line.  Then all
of our jobs can be exported to India and they won't have to hire any
"high-priced" Unix sysadmins anymore.

Welcome to Solaris 10... </rant>

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I am wondering what type of support for Solaris 10 blastwave has?  The
reason I ask is that I installed Solaris 10 on my Ultra 60, then
installed pkg-get, along with a few other packages.  I was configuring
Courier-Imap and began getting error messages in syslog about FAM.

The Courier-Imap package includes FAM support,  

ldd imapd
        libfam.so.0 =>   /opt/csw/lib/sparcv8/libfam.so.0

But the install of FAM may be out dated.  The installation of FAM only
adds a line to /etc/inetd.conf (/etc/net/inetd.conf).  But with Solaris
10, that's not good enough anymore.  The whole smf/inetconv/inetadm
system needs to be considered.

  I was just wondering if anyone else has run into this issue with other
Solaris 10 packages, and if so, are they supported?  Should bug reports
be filed.

Thanks for the help.


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