[csw-users] [csw-newpkgs] weekly package summary: PLEASE INCLUDE THE ACTUAL LIST AGAIN!

David Combs dkcombs at panix.com
Tue Jan 3 23:00:12 CET 2006

Maybe it makes no difference, whether you include the actual 
new-updates list vs a mere addr of a web-page that shows it,
to those who use M$'s IE, because IE makes it all transparent.

However, for those of us who use eg LYNX, going to a 
web page, FROM an email, requires SEVERAL extra steps.

Fine, I suppose, for rare and really-important information.

However, csw-updates are made every few days, ie not
rare, but even more importantly, I'd imagine that
for at least most of us on the csw-list, we merely
want to GLANCE at the list, to see if there's anything
listed of particular interest to the individual list-reader.

If it involves having to go to a web page, especially
by explicit extra steps (even ^B is an extra step,
when one is whipping through one's email as fast
as possible (so as to return to doing some *real*
work)) -- well, it's very appealing to just say
   "do I *really* need to know this *now* -- 
    so, to hell with it!"

But if the info is right there in the email 
(plain ascii) text itself, well, in *that* case,
it's easier to just scan the eyes down over the

Also, maybe it does require a bit more time for
the csw-list maintainer to revert to the
old way, of including the text in the email-body.

Maybe -- but his/her's saving of a minute or two
translates into a *disruptive* 30 seconds extra time for
EACH ONE of what, hundreds, maybe even 
thousands (you tell us) of READERS of that list.

Just my two bits, and thanks for reading this!


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