[csw-users] Problems with gnome

Alexey Kuzmichev alekz at xs4all.nl
Sun Jun 25 13:17:33 CEST 2006

Hi Paul,

Try to run /opt/csw/bin/fc-cache -v and then relogin.


On Sun, 25 Jun 2006, Paul Boven wrote:

>Hi everyone,
>After using Gnome-FCS on Solaris 9 for ages, I tried to move to a more
>recent Gnome version on my Solaris 9 B100 yesterday.
>I did a pkg-get -upgrade, and then pkg-get -install gnome.
>Unfortunately, that Gnome doesn't work for me: Whenever I start any of
>the gnome applications in /opt/csw, they eat up all memory and my
>machine grinds down to unusability. Truss reveals that this happens
>while they are reading the font directories.
>It's not a particular font that causes the problem: removing fonts just
>makes the error occur on another font.
>I've also created a new user as a test, to see if old gnome config files
>might be the trouble, but that gets the same result.
>My path starts with /opt/csw/bin, and there's no LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
>Are other people experiencing similar problems with gnome? Is this a bug
>in the current blastwave gnome distribution, or is there anything else I
>should be checking on my end?
>Regards, Paul Boven.
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