[csw-users] Problems with gnome

Armel Asselin asselin.armel at wanadoo.fr
Sun Jun 25 19:30:28 CEST 2006

don't know if it helps but...

I did the install of latest stuff from "unstable" (which is the default in 
the config /opt/csw/etc/pkg-get.conf) in a Solaris 10
gnome comes (2.8), cool, then fc-cache takes 800 MB of memory and runs 

i fixed that by rollbacking the install and by using the "stable" version 
(changing the line where the download site appear in the config file, btw 
using a nearer ftp site than the official one, i could have 600KB/s download 
rather than the official 5/10KB/s downloads).
gnome in "stable" is just a 2.6 but at least it works ok for me


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