[csw-users] Resistance ?

Ihsan Dogan ihsan at blastwave.org
Wed Apr 11 13:49:30 CEST 2007

Hello Alexander,

Am 11.4.2007 12:23 Uhr, Alexander Skwar schrieb:

>> The one argument that you will get thrown at you is that you can not
>> trust the logn term existence of a community project.
> You might hear that, yes - but can you trust the long term existence
> of a company or a commercial product? Can you? How? What makes you think
> that? Is it not thinkable, that a "hostile" company buys another company
> and then stops the production of a certain program?

Well, I hear that very often from people, who never worked in a
professional environment, where it really matters if your system is
running or not.

> IMO the argument that you, Dennis, brought up is totally flawed. Especially
> if we're talking about (now) large projects as Blastwave, OpenSolaris, 
> Debian, ...

We are doing our best too provide you the best quality. But you
shouldn't forget, that all people at Blastwave are doing this in their
free time and no one is getting payed for that, what he is doing. That
means, that we do not provide 24h support with SLA if something doesn't
work. This is something what you can get from commercial software, but
not from OSS projects.


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