[csw-users] Old versions of packages available on CD/DVD?

Dennis Clarke dclarke at blastwave.org
Fri Jan 19 21:27:41 CET 2007

>>> Hi all,
>>> Can anyone tell me if it's possible to purchase old versions of the
>>> Blastwave packages on CD/DVD? I'm looking for some which date back to
>>> early 2004: Gimp 1.2 and Mozilla 1.5. I want them because my Solaris 9
>>> system, which has worked very nicely for a long time, has got screwed up
>>> and needs a re-install. Or perhaps I should take the opportunity to
>>> upgrade to Solaris 10?
>>> Many thanks,
>> Well yes, I have them here somewhere.  I'll need to dig them up for you
>> okay?
> Thanks for the quick response. Before you dig them up, do you think it's a
> sensible thing to do? Or would I be better taking the opportunity to
> upgrade to Solaris 10? I've got an Ultra 2 with dual 400 MHz processors
> and 1280 MB RAM. My most used applications are Mozilla 1.5, Gimp 1.2 and
> Apache. I'm just trying to assess whether I'll see a big slow down if I
> upgrade.

  But .. I have already found so many cool old things in my desk drawers !


  Please upgrade to Solaris 10.  Everyone will be much more happy and you
will not see a big slowdown.  If anything it will be the same or slightly
better.  You have plenty of memory and you may as well look forwards than
reverse eh ?

  Now then .. back to searching my desk ...


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