[csw-users] pending coreutils release

Ben Walton bwalton at opencsw.org
Sat May 22 04:09:45 CEST 2010

Hi All,

In the near future I'll be releasing a coreutils package that will
replace our very old fileutils, shutils and textutils.  This release
will also see the update of several other packages to handle the
dependency changes required.

If you have the ability to test this updated package set on your
machines and provide feedback, I'd really appreciate it.

I especially need feedback on logwatch as I don't use it myself but
had to update it because it was orphaned.

You can test the set of pending updates by pulling from the catalog:

Ben Walton
Systems Programmer - CHASS
University of Toronto
C:416.407.5610 | W:416.978.4302

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