[csw-users] Gnuplot "Arial" font

Wyche, George PW George.Wyche at pw.utc.com
Thu May 27 02:33:36 CEST 2010

In gnuplot when I try "set terminal png" I get that "no Arial font"
message. It seems that our version of gnuplot was built with a default
font that there is no access to. No matter, I would be pleased with one
we do have, but...

I am thoroughly puzzled by my failed 2 internal and 1 external remedies
on this Solaris 8 sparc.
I like lucida bright as a font and have concentrated on trying to get
that font accepted. Many variants on the lucida bright name are to be
found by "find /usr -name '*ucida*'" and by "xlsfonts | grep ucida"

1) For example I tried set fontpath "/usr/openwin/lib/X11/fonts/"
followed by various spellings lucida bright in
   set terminal png font lucidabright
None of which worked; all giving me an error like "Cant find/open font"
or sometimes "invalid color spec, must be xRRGGBB"

2) There was mention of setting the environment variable GDFONTPATH so I
tried various directories with
   setenv GDFONTPATH /usr/openwin/lib/X11/fonts/
Followed by my variations on
   set terminal png font lucidabright
Only to get identical errors message as above.

3) When I did
   xlsfonts -ll lucidabright
I got tons of information, but not even a hint of a thing that might be
called "a font path" which leads me to think I have got this all wrong

Can anyone either explain what I got wrong, or point me to a source
where I can read further?

George Wyche

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