[csw-users] what am I doing wrong

dennis sexton dws at highwire.stanford.edu
Thu Oct 7 01:31:39 CEST 2010

I tried installing some CSW packages on a solaris 10  x86 system. The 
first bit worked and after I tried changing
my mirror from the default to usc, I seem to have done something wrong 
so that now nothing seems to work.
I have also tried purdue in mucking about with things but that hasn't 
seemed to help.

I can't install, can't update catalog, I get nothing when I do a pkgutil -a

this is what i get from pkgutil -U

##> pkgutil -U
=> Fetching new catalog and descriptions 
(http://ftp.math.purdue.edu/mirrors/opencsw.org/i386/5.10) if available ...
--2010-10-06 14:59:17-- 
Resolving ftp.math.purdue.edu...
Connecting to ftp.math.purdue.edu||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found
2010-10-06 14:59:17 ERROR 404: Not Found.

This is what pkgutil -V tells me

##> pkgutil -V
- System -
Pkgutil         2.1
Arch            i386
Solaris         5.10
Pkg patch       119318 (119318-01 installed)
GPG binary      not found (suggestion: install CSWgnupg)
Gzip binary     /bin/gzip
Mailx binary    /bin/mailx
MD5 binary      not found (suggestion: install CSWtextutils)
MD5 module      2.33 (primary choice for MD5)
Perl            5.008004
Perl binary     /bin/perl
Wget binary     /usr/sfw/bin/wget

- Configuration -
catalog_not_cached      true (default: true)
catalog_update          14 (default: 14)
exclude_pattern         not set (default: none)
gpg_homedir             not set (default: none)
maxpkglist              100000 (default: 10000)
mirror http://ftp.math.purdue.edu/mirrors/opencsw.org/
noncsw                  false (default: false)
pkgaddopts              not set (default: none)
pkgliststyle             (default: 0)
root_path               not set (default: /)
show_current            true (default: true)
stop_on_hook_soft_error not set (default: false)
use_gpg                 false (default: false)
use_md5                 false (default: false)
wgetopts                not set (default: none)

this is my current entry in /opt/csw/etc/pkgutil.conf

thanks for any assistance

Dennis Sexton
Stanford Highwire Press

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