[csw-users] python broken?

Ben Walton bwalton at opencsw.org
Sat Oct 20 18:19:19 CEST 2012

Hi Gerard,

>> Ok, I've replicated your problem and am now debugging it.  I'll let
>> you know what I find out.
> Here is what I know so far:

I've narrowed this down to the following problem:

CSWpython has the library path hacked at build time to be
/opt/csw/lib/python instead of /opt/csw/lib/python2.6.  (This hack
goes back quite a while as documented in the mailing list archives.)
This is causing the problem with virtualenv which expects that
standard layout.  There are two solutions:

1. Hack the heck out of virtualenv to support the CSW environment.  I
wouldn't expect upstream to accept this work back so it would be sunk
time, imo.
2. Fix the CSWpython layout.  This will take time as all packages
delivering files to the non-traditional location will need to be
updated as well.

I'm willing to work on #2 but I don't want to invest much more time in
#1 as it's not my itch. :)


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